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SOPHOS Anti-Virus for vShield - VDI - 25-49 USERS - 12 MOS - RENEWAL - GOV (VDIF1GTAA)

SOPHOS Anti-Virus for vShield - VDI - 25-49 USERS - 12 MOS - RENEWAL - GOV (VDIF1GTAA)


Fast, effective threat protection for virtual machines.
Sophos Antivirus for vShield delivers centralized scanning for your virtual environment. A single, always-on virtual security appliance protects every guest machine on your host.

Security designed for virtual environments
We built Sophos Antivirus for vShield to work seamlessly with virtual platforms. Instead of installing a traditional antivirus agent on each virtual machine (VM), we provide a lightweight, centralized scanner for securing all the guests on a host. This approach gives you fast, effective protection with lower resource use and simpler management.

Real-time threat protection with automatic clean up
Sophos Antivirus for vShield features advanced cleanup ability. As soon as it detects malware, Sophos immediately quarantines the file. A cleanup agent is automatically deployed to the infected guest VM to discover and remove all remnants of the threat both on the disk and in the memory.

High performance, low impact
Sophos Antivirus for vShield outperforms not only traditional endpoint antivirus, but also competing virtualization security tools. In a head-to-head test with other virtualization security solutions, our efficient scanning engine and advanced clean-file caching produced a 90% lower impact on file server write throughput. By taking full advantage of VMware’s vShield Endpoint technology, Sophos Antivirus for vShield also eliminates scan storms and update storms.

Automatic protection, easy management
Virtual environments are dynamic, so it can be a challenge to consistently deploy security software and keep it current. Fortunately, Sophos Antivirus for vShield automatically protects all supported guest VMs as soon as they come online. Create policies, view alerts, request scans and generate reports for all your virtual systems from our intuitive management console. And you can use the same console to manage your Sophos-protected workstations and physical servers, too.

Support when you need it
Malware infections, system issues and maintenance windows are not limited to business hours. That’s why Sophos provides 24/7/365 support standard—so you can get help when you need it.

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